<Karazhan Chess Club> and <Hotcase Mafia> are a pair of casual raiding guilds on the Chromiecraft private World of Warcraft server that I and my brother run. We care about members having fun and playing what they like. We do not require specific classes or minimum gearscores. We want to build a raid team filled with people we like that sticks together through all of Chromiecraft’s progressive content.

If you are new to WOTLK or WoW in general, fear not! The newest of newbies is more than welcome if you come with a positive attitude and a drive to learn the ways of drunken hyper-casual raiding. We offer advice and mentorship to members regardless of their experience or skill level.

Come join our Discord to check us out and say hello! We now have both guild chat channels linked together in the game and our Discord, which means you can talk in gchat through Discord without being in the game!

Check out our custom software at our Github Organization

Click Here to download our addon starter pack, a collection of addons that gives you a good base for playing on 3.3.5a. The pack includes the following addons:


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